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Best Sci Fi Show Ever!

Reviewing: Farscape Season 2 Dvdbox Set  |  Rating:
By ally_deville on
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Farscape was an original show that aired on the Sci-Fi channel for several seasons; then out of the blue it got cancelled after several seasons. It was a strange move on Sci-Fi channels part as it was their number one rated show. Fan outcry has lead to additional mini series being shot and webisodes being done.

Even after all these years, the storyline, writing, special effects and chemistry between the actors just can't be compared. Ben Browder and Claudia Black are awesome! They smoke up with screen and they llok great in leather! The storylines are unique and so well done; no way to guess how it will play out as it doesn't follow any formula. I love all the characters in this season; they really came up with a cast that plays well off each other in every scene. They also use a couple of muppets, Rygel and Pilot; but after a while you sort of forget they aren't real as the expressions, voice actors and puppeteers really bring them to life and while they maybe made by Jim Henson's people, they don't belong on Sesame Street.

This is a show that easily can be rewatched and when you start coming it to other shows in terms of quality; you too will be surprised that it never made it on network tv.