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Best Way To Learn To Cook!!!

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As a young student, my cooking skills is very limited. And I knew that my cooking barely ever ended up tasting very nice. That is why I never cook for anyone and I still don’t! Once my friend told me about a game that came out in Europe called Cooking Guide where we can actually make the food and not lust for bright colored food like in Cooking Mama.

I have to say that purchasing this game is the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. Its a pretty easy to understand game and since I have the European version, I had issues with conversion but I like it so much that I didn’t want to change it the US version which is called Personal Trainer: Cooking. What I really love about it is that there’s a butt load of recipes and they are mostly popular and ethical food. As much as I love Food Network, I can’t ever follow their recipe perfectly because I don’t have money to buy all those ingredients or the skills and tools I need. FoodNet is definitely not college kid material. Other than Alton Brown who I adore!

The game was developed in Japan where a group of chefs compile the best way to prepare the dishes they are going to put in the game. You can search by ingredients, country, or other factors like calories, or cooking time. Every recipe there’s tips and advice, and there’s also videos of how to cut and prepare food. The directions are clear and you can adjust how fast the lil chef speaks! I think he’s a pretty cute character. There’s also a calender where you mark off what recipes you’ve done. At first i had a hard time getting use to it since I’m not a cook, but after awhile I’ve learned and gotten so much better. Even if you already know how to cook, this game has so much recipes and most of them look really delicious. I’ve mostly been making the European ones and I haven’t touched any of the Americas or the Asian countries.

This game is totally worth every penny! I never been so satisfied with a game before!!