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Better Sleep, No Mosquitoes

Reviewing: Fumakilla Vape Insect Repellent 400ml  |  Rating:
Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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No body likes to sleep with mosquitoes inside the bed room, including me. I hate mosquitoes so much. Besides annoying, it can give me a terrible disease. I went to the mall near my home to seek a good insect repellent. I choose Vape because this brand does not produce strong smell compare with other brands. Also, it contains orange fragrant. I use this against mosquitoes that often fly in my room. This insect repellent really gives instant death to mosquitoes and other insect such as cockroach, ant, centipede, caterpillar, etc. To use it, I just shake it and spray to the entire room, wait for couple minutes and re-enter my room. Personally, I do not agree with the orange fragrant, because whatever it smells, still it is a poison, and I do not like to whiff poison. After I spray it, I leave the room quickly, waiting for the poison slowly disappear from the air. The price of this insect repellent is just $1.8.

This product contains no CFC and passed ISO 9001:2000 certificates. This product is made by PT. Fumakilla Indonesia, under license of Fumakilla Ltd. Japan.