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Better Than A Bag Of Hammers

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Lowes - $109.99

At time of purchase.

In a world as yet un aware of the "Lithium is power tool" explosion about to unfold, I purchased (for me) one of those "easy reader" types of start-up kit, to help kick start a tool collection replacement effort.

Early winter 07' found me on a blood scent (that means I actually knew what I was coming in there for.;-) at a Lowes in Norman, Ok. I was looking to take on a job that required tools I no longer had. Not a short list considering I had recently "lost" all but the barest hand tools.

I had to develop a one-man workstation fast, on the cheap. I'm a big orange box kinda guy. But, I was out of town, short on purchase capital and on the prowl for 18v of get ‘er done.

Hence Moi, at Lowes, in that place.

"We do what we gotta..."

One of the single best tool purchases I have ever made!

Now days, you can hardly buy ...well, anything without it being some part of a set. Just a short couple of years ago this was still not yet the case.

With all kinds of nifty trinkets to go with it (I won't list them), I suddenly re-owned a cordless drill, a 4.5in circular saw, a saber saw, a flashlight and a hand vac, two batteries and a charger and a big dang bag to carry them in. With no more than $120 out of pocket, I walked out of that "blue store" with a job to do.

Honestly, I haven't built a house or put a season of AC work on them, but I have put a few hours on each tool by this point (2yrs). Now, of course the hand vac is just so much waddle in the bag, but I have gotten some "use" out of it. The rest are tools and have paid for their keep. Keeping in mind that these are battery op. items, I have found some hard and handy to use jobs for the saws. You won't get away from killing the batteries to sweet, but that's just how that goes. The drill and flashlight have more than covered their job description.

In a little "freshener" research for this review, I waded through an ocean of "kits" to narrow down to this specific one. I'm already a generation + out of market. But for a fairly cheap start up or replace of some core power tools. I'd give these kits a peek.

I would even do it at Lowes.