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Better Than Electric 2 Or 4whl Vacuums

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Chuck Ekere By Chuck Ekere on
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The swivel sweeper G2, hands down, is the most efficient and effective vacuuming tool in the market currently, courtesy of its new technology and design. It is nimble, lightweight, and agile, yet twice as effective and powerful as the traditional electric 2wl or 4wl vacuum. It has the ability to function on wood, tile, carpet, stairs, and any other surface that one would typically expect in any house, and even works well in very tight spaces that not even the Dyson Ball Vacuum (best electric vacuum on the market) can. The G2's 7.2V of power is generated by a rechargable battery, rather than thru an electric cord, that allows it to be moved around the house more freely, and its back-saving elbow-joint eliminates any pressure on your back. Its effectiveness comes from a Quad-Brush (yes, 4 brushes) Technology that will never leave any traces behind, which allows one to get twice the work done in a less amount of time. The swivel sweeper's head moves 360 degrees and consists of super gliders rather than wheels, both which allow for effortless maneuverability back and forth. Additionally, The touchless dirt tray is emptied by pushing the tabs, so that one does not have to waste time going inside the machine in order to detach a filter. Best of all, it cost only 2 payments of $20, and with another one free, while most technologically advanced electric vacuum cleaners can cost anywhere from $100-$200, or like the Dyson Ball, up to $400.