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Better Then Expected

Reviewing: Xbox 360  |  Rating:
By ledunkdelamort on
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I've bought a bunch of consoles in my life. I've also sold a bunch of consoles after growing bored with them. After being dissapointed by most major game consoles (even the ps2, which I've sold lately), I didn't put much hope in liking the xbox 360 for more then a few months. I was wrong, so very wrong. This console is incredible, the lineup of game is fantastic. Not very far into it's lifetime, I already have 10 games bought that I play regularly, a bunch more games I still haven't bought yet and dozens upon dozens of games I'm looking forward to buying in the coming year. The online service, xbox live, is fantastic and works very well. There was some downtime lately but it has all been fixed.

I seriously can't recommend this console enough.

One last thing, for those scared about buying an HD capable console while still using an old regular resolution television : it still looks fabulous. I have an old 30 inch screen and I cannot complain the least bit about the graphics in most games. If it looks good in HD, it will still look good in 480.