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Beware Of The Dog

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By seasideevns on
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The Beware of the Dog game was requested by my son for Christmas. After watching the advertisements and doing some online research, the game reminded me of "Operation" which I enjoyed playing as a kid. I also bought the game because it looked like it could be enjoyed by my son on his own or with others.

Included in the game is a large bulldog that attaches to a base with a feeding trough. Also included are a deck of cards, a package of multicolored bones, and a giant set of tweezers. The bones are placed into the trough. The dog attaches to the base and you are able to push it back into a lying position. You turn the dogs head to the side and it locks the dog in place and it immediately closes it's eyes and begins to snore.

The object is to pick a card from the deck which instructs you on how many bones which you must "fetch" from the trough and what color bones they must be. Using the tweezers you must achieve your bone quota without waking the dog. The bottom of the trough collapses with pressure, a gentle push causes the dog to stop snoring as if almost waking. A slightly harder push on the bottom of the trough causes the dog to lunge forward (with it's eyes and mouth once again open) while visciously barking. It can be slightly challenging due to the bones lying one on the other in a confined space.

My son is 6 years old and the game frightened him. He doesn't play the game at all now. It is only used to scare visitors who are unfamiliar with the game. I decided to rate it a bit higher though, because there are many strong points to the game and children with different temperments may enjoy it more.

It seems to be constructed pretty well out of durable and easy to clean hard plastic. The dog attaches to the sides of the base with two white pegs which are thick and strong. I think this is a plus for the longevity of the toy due to the fact that the dog cannot be easily broken off from the base. The concept of the toy is classic, but a bit unique also. As mentioned before, it also can be a challenge for small, uncordinated hands.

I would caution people to not assume the advertised age range on this toy applies the their child. It is much more aggressive in the home than on the commercial. It is not a toy you can easily transport and the bones can easily be lost. The trough has no lid to contain the bones and no pouch of any kind is included to keep all the pieces together. I would also advise those with younger children to monitor the bones at all times. The size definately makes them a choking hazard and the bright colors would tempt young ones to put them in their mouths.