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Beyond Good And Evil

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By nickymittens on
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Evil Ubisoft Beyond Good Video

This game is one that is a challenge, you must sneak, fight and get the dirt on your government. The story starts at the light house, the opening video is an attack on the planet and this will lead to your first fight, which will lead to your first boss fight. After there will be a brief scene and you'll wake up in the light house. It has its charm and here is where you will find your camera, from that point forward you will publish photo's for money.

The graphics in this game are amazing, from the animal humanoids to the heavily saturated scenery, it is quite surreal and a visual feast to boot. Combat is a little different in this game, its fun but not the main focus, its well-developed in my honest opinion. While rushing head on into battle is all fine and dandy there are the cases where it is better to sneak up from behind and cut the air supply to the unsuspecting victim.Though in many cases it will be game over if you happen to be seen, as there are some things that will kill you on the spot.This is a game that only has a handful of boss fights, however, when you do come to one they are generally difficult. This is not to say the game is short, generally after you have completed a section of the game something intense will happen in place of a boss fight. Such as an epic run for your life crisis.

However the one thing negative that I will say with this game is you will spend a good few hours trying to figure out where to go next. Though the game is quite blunt about the next objective and its location, you may still find yourself ripping your hair out on how to get past the electric field or how to unlock that door. You might miss little holes that you need to crawl into and this can prevent you from progressing on. this is something that got me a few times and I must say I did indeed rip my hair out over this. in such cases I would recommend looking to a guide-book for a hint.

Despite this flaw in the game I would recommend it to anyone, I have played it Dozen's of times and still do on occasions. Its one game that someone can enjoy for years.