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Bible Code Ii: 'The Countdown'

Reviewing: Viking / Penguin 2002  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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After the first 'New York Times' best seller from Michael Drosnin sparked the world, His second book was published, and this one, in my eyes, is better than the first!

The 'Bible Code II: The Final Countdown' is much like the first, but caught my attention in the second chapter when it played on the discovery of a code key. Since I am a person that likes to crack codes and study ancient languages, this chapter caught my attention, and I fell deep into the rest of this book.

The sixth chapter: 'Steel Ark', touches back down on this subject of an oblisk that may be hidden on the Lisan Peninsula, which extends into the Dead Sea. I really believe that such a 'Code Key' or 'Stone Oblisk' (possibly in a steel ark) exists, as I am a very spiritual person since an event that I experienced involving a blue star. I dont know if 'Blue Star' is a code in the Bible, but if it is, I bet my name crosses its path in a 'Skip Sequence'. I believe that this will be discovered soon!

The book is very exciting and touches many well known events that have happened, and where they were located in the Bible. Like the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments, this book makes you wonder about God, and his involvement with the human language, and the human cause. I absolutely dig this book. I think the price was very fair, and I believe that there will be many more from which this came.

If you enjoyed the first, you will love this!