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Bic Comfort 3 Advance Strikes Again

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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I always wanted to have a beard when I was younger. I shaved that peach fuzz every day until it eventually was a thick beard. By 19 years, I had nice trails and mustache that were linked. It was tight.

I still don't mind the trails and goatee, but about three months ago, while going over my monthly budget, I decided to quit shaving as much. This meant going back to a more primitive beard, shaving less (only around the edges), buying less and looking less handsome. It was the beginning of a nightmare ban on shaving that just ended.

Today, after reading, writing, and voting on brand reviews at SharedReviews.com, I had mentioned the savings that I was having by shaving less in a community post there. This was just small talk while bidding my time, waiting for our monthly check. But as I sat there scratching my face, I decided to shave everything off. What a relief that was to shave my whole face, mustache and all.

In today's tough existing economy, households worldwide are feeling the crunch. Saving any way we can will help to maintain the balance of existence that many are finding hard to achieve. By minimizing on our health care products and shaving/ beauty supplies, as consumers we can become better users of those products. Using quality products and using minimal application can help stretch your budget and minimize waste.

One product that had to go (but not completely) was the ever so disposable razor. I needed to quit shaving as much. Better yet, I needed a razor that lasted longer and I needed a closer shave. I also maintained a healthy trimmed beard that only required shaving on my upper face and lower neck. This helped until about an hour ago. I just could not take it any more.

Out comes the Bic Advance. This triple bladed razor with shaving strip is the top-notch razor on the market. I purchased this pack of four razors for under $6 at Wal-Mart two months ago. I have used two of them for the hard core work, and for the last month or so I have been using one to keep portions of my face and neck hair free. These razors alone have saved me a bundle of cash. I still have yet to toss one out. The smooth rubber grips on plastic shaft and swivel head give a tight smooth shave, no matter how thick that beard is. These are made definitely for thick beards, though these are just called Bic Comfort 3 Advance.

You are wondering if I used a new razor right? Nope. I used the same three razors to get my baby-butt soft face the way it is now. I am hairless on my face...once again. This moment came not a minute to late. I feel great.

One of the important areas of shaving is maintaining your razor and making them last. A sweet reviewer friend of mine that uses the title: dsnygrl, shared a neat article with me that mentions how some people use blow dryers and the such to keep the razor sharp and lasting up to a year. I find myself taking the time to clean mine thoroughly. There is a neat invention for this task as well mentioned in the article. If you want more information on making that razor last, go to:


The Bic comfort 3 Advance is the best razor around. If you are serious about saving money on your shaving supplies, then start with this quality razor. You will not regret the switch. I found information online for you that will show you this razor up-close. You can review the Bic News here:


No other razor compares, so save your self some time as well guys. This is the razor to have.

PS. If you ladies are looking to smooth his face up some, this is the one.