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Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip Pens

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lexxia By lexxia on
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In our family pens and pencils are held in high esteem. Most of us don't use these as mere signature tools, we use them as art tools as well so when we purchase them, we need to know they are going to be there when we want to use them.

Some of my children horde them and so we go through pens and pencils at a rapid rate. My oldest daughter is our top Pen hound. She will come for a visit and when she leaves usually several pens will leave with her, with permission of course. She's an avid writer and artist and she goes through pens like crazy as she makes notes, writes in her journals, doodles, and manages her day to day production business.

The other day, in preparation for her visit today, I decided to run out to Wal-Mart and pick up a package of pens, knowing that if I didn't, I was in jeopardy of losing a few of my own favorites. The package I chose was the Bic Stic 8 pack which comes with 2 red pens, 2 black pens and 4 blue ones. The ball pen is a medium stroke and the ink flows very smoothly even on the first try after taking the top off the pen for the first time. There is no skipping and I noticed while using it that my writing was neater than normal as well. Bonus!

I decided that before handing the entire package over to my daughter, I'd use one of the black pens to do up our budget. Normally I do this on the laptop but this time I used the good old pen and paper and I actually enjoyed doing it. I even found myself looking for things to write down just so I could use the pen. With carpel tunnel in both wrists writing is something I've tried to avoid as much as possible because my hands have a tendency to go numb and then my writing goes way off base and well...the experience isn't a nice one. Not so this time around. The pen glides effortlessly across the paper, the ink goes on smoothly and after working for almost 1/2 an hour on the budget, rather than being in pain and unable to feel my hands I was actually still able to pick up my good old cup of coffee without having the cup fall onto the floor due to pain or no feeling in my writing hand.

I really liked the quality, the performance and most importantly, the price. An excellent economic way to purchase pens that are very nice to use and actually perform as well as one of my more expensive pens. Great value, highly recommended.