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Big White Refridgerator With Freezer

Reviewing: Kenmore 65812 18.2 Cu Ft Top Freezer  |  Rating:
Tomas Texino By Tomas Texino on
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Howdy it is Texino reporting that after 25 years of cold and efficient service, my former refrigerator died in it's sleep. I did some figures and came up with the average cost of running it was 1 penny per week . Pretty reasonable and well within my budget. So now comes the time of the new cold box and this one may not hold the fixings that made the huge diners if our younger days; fancy foods like sophisticated aged beef, indifferent shellfish and nervous lobsters, yet even yogurt must be stored as does skim milk. This Kenmore seems as solid as the last one. Some slight changes include the ability to see into the two drawers from the front and top as well a having a choice of moisture and temp settings to affect what someone is keeping fresh in there. My old unit had ice making, but I would rather make ice from spring water. Taste better to me. As you can see, I have had very good luck with Kenmore. You might think that Sears just has some other company build the Kenmore, but there is no evidence one way or the other The evidence is that Kenmore makes about 50% of all the refrigerators and that's that. The deal here is I am sort of house bound and there is a super store selling scratch and dent appliances about 40 miles away. They really did not have much in the type I was after and the sears web site had this kenmore like my old one, only larger and the price was right. I gave some credit information and then this morning two jolly fellows hove into sight in a large blue truck and in matter of a few minutes my new polar bear box was humming along in tune with the rest of the household. Easy as pie. Also, I've got to say I enjoyed buying this refrigerator from the standpoint of not having to deal with a sales person trying to sell me up or talk me into an extended warranty deal. I understand that people have to make a living, but when I am buying a major appliance, I have done my home work and know my needs vs what I can afford. Therefore unless the salesperson has some major mistake on his or her hands i.e. a stainless restaurant quality box for $450, I don't want to be pushed up one level just because it's the way they do business on that floor. Also if the fridge doesn't break within a year it's not likely to do so for a long time, so I don't see much use in extended warranties; I use the money to get a better product.

So, I'm happy and if you need a basic refrigerator, I hope that my confidence translates into trust on your part. I'd check other sources of course, but at least give this one a look.