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Bigger Is Really Better!

Reviewing: Hewlett Packard H Pw2007  |  Rating:
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We bought a new hp Pavilion desktop, which came with an HPw2007 20" LCD monitor. It has built in speakers and microphone, a TFT active matrix, with a Max Resolution of 1680 x 1050 / 60 Hz, a Max Sync of 76 Hz x 82 KHz, and sizes in at 20.6" W x 11.4" D x 18.9" H weighing 19.8 lbs.

Other Specs:

Dot pitch: .258mm

Pixel-response rate: 5msn

Contrast ratio: 1000:1

Connectivity: DVI, VGA (cables included)

HDCP compliant

Specs said, this computer monitor is fantastic!

Upon first installing the monitor, I could tell I would love it. The size of the screen is perfect for all my computing needs. I found watching videos smooth, image colors are true, and there is very little glare.

For us, having reduced glare is really the best part. Our office is strategically located where it gets sun the better part of daytime. Being able to see the screen, with the window blinds open, has made me ask myself why we did not do this a long time ago.

The HPw2007 has on screen menu controls for doing things like switching video input or changing the brightness, contrast, image, color, or language. It gives you a quick view screen, management adjustments, and general information about it. If you mess with too many settings, you can easily do a factory reset.

Switching from a bulky, heavy 17" Envision to this flat LCD widescreen has made my computing easier and fun. I find myself wanting to do more and more writing, website building, image editing, and gaming. I have also found the rest of the family wants to play with the computer more now than they did before. I think Hewlett Packard did a fine job with this monitor and will be buying another soon.