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Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

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Greetings, dudes and dudettes! I bring you a review of a movie most excellent! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

I've heard of this movie when I was very VERY little. My mother owned the NES game of the movie. We would play it all the time together. I used to think the game was awesome. If only I knew of the movie that inspired it. Once I heard of the death of the great, brilliant, hilarious George Carlin, I talked with my mother about it. She mentioned that he controlled a phone booth in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, so I went to rent it the next day. While Carlin is far from being the star of this movie, what appearances he DOES make, are memorable.

The movie opens up with some pretty cool (for their time) special effects, with a great song and followed by a monologue from Rufus (Carlin) about the utopian world that exists in 2688 is, and that it's his job, and his alone, to ensure that Bill and Ted stay in contact, or else history will turn towards the disastrous and a utopia become a dystopia. Whoa, heavy!

Then the movie continues, naturally, to show the lives of the protagonists. They are trying to start a band but are stuck in a loop arguing that they need a triumphant video before they can get better instruments, but they need better instruments to make a triumphant video. Eventually the two agree that they should probably learn how to play the instruments at all before trying to become successful. We see that they know almost nothing about history which leads to a humorous scene in which it is revealed Ted believes Joan of Arc is Noah's wife. The two friend's misunderstandings of history are played for laughs many more times throughout the film, including such humorous mispronunciations as Frood (Sigmund Freud). Naturally they are failing history and if they fail history, they fail the grade entirely, which means Ted's father sends him to military school, which means that Bill and Ted will be separated and the entire future will crumble, and THAT, my friends is indeed a total bummer!

There is one chance though, the final history report of the year has yet to come, and if Bill and Ted can get an A+, they can pass the entire year. I wonder how one good report can make up for an entire year of having so little historical knowledge as to only be able to refer to Julius Ceasar as "the salad dressing guy", but that's beside the point. Never fear, for Rufus intervenes with his time traveling phone booth to take our heroes on a totally radical ride through time! Here's where the movie really gets good. Bill and Ted not only desire to learn about history, but when Napoleon Bonaparte himself is accidentally dragged through time back to the present, Bill gets a totally awesome idea! He gets the idea to collect some of the most prominent historical figures from all over the world to speak at their final history report! They meet such famous figures as Billy the Kid, Socrates, Joan of Arc and Sigmund Freud. A simple, yet appreciated touch was that all the historical figures actually spoke their respective languages, as opposed to many other history oriented movies where france is inexplicably packed with people who speak fluent english. The jokes were all quite funny, and I got quite a few laughs out of the film. While there are some rather glaring plot holes, they CAN be overlooked. Overall, my opinion of this film is that it was most excellent! That's all for now. Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!