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Billy Blanks Fun Workout

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Jeanette Dusci By Jeanette Dusci on
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My husband and I decided to try to get in better physical condition. We found the Billy Blanks line of Tae-Bo dvds. I had taken some kickboxing classes in the past and found it to be a great workout that yielded good results. When I saw these dvds, I felt like it was something my husband and I could do together. (I just couldn't picture him doing a "dance your way fit" dvd). Billy Blanks is a big, strong yet sweet guy that teaches you how to properly do all the various punch and kick moves. He really helps you stay focused on correct form, which is important as you could end up sore if it is done incorrectly. He is also encouraging, without being annoying, which I think is hard to find on an excercise video. The video starts out slowly, warming up. It then moves into a moderately paced workout and then there is a cool down period at the end. This is a 40 minute workout, which makes this a good choice for beginners. You can also work at your desired intensity level, which is also a plus. You choose you much energy you put in and how much benefit you get out of it!