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Billy Dead Fiction

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By kimmie9472 on
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This book was awesome. Simply, a book about poor white trash that extends beyond the family. A story about 3 kids growing up in an insane environment. Two boys with major sexual problems and one girl that catches the brunt of her brothers ideas. The oldest brother ends up dead on the side of a dirt road with his head bashed in. The girl and the other brother end up carrying on a lenghthy affair into adulthood. Yes, kind of disturbing yet brave. How the writer discribes all the issues this family has is amazing. You truley do not want to put this book down. On the back of the book it is described as "I couldn't look away" and this is so very true. You don't want to think that these kinds of things happen, but they do.

This is the writers first novel and it is worth the read.