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Bio Oil May Be The Elusive Fountain Of Youth

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After seeing a commercial about this wonder oil, and reading Shared Reviews about it, I decided I just had to try Bio-Oil. I bought the little bottle feeling the price tag was a little steep for the size (60 ml/2 oz). However, I have spent much more on less and if the oil lived up to what I read about it, it would be well worth the cost.

I have sun damage on my forearms from years of sunbathing without sunscreen. It is my own fault because my mother warned me to take care of my skin. Fortunately, the damage is localized to this area and not covering my entire body. I am good about using sunscreen now.

When I got home with my Bio-Oil, I immediately applied the light product to my arms. It felt so good going on. The oil is not overly oily and is absorbed almost instantly. There is no greasy residue as from, say, baby oil. This being the case I decided to try the product on my entire body and face. I figured this is "life" oil and my body deserves it.

After using the oil for a week, I began to notice my skin becoming softer to the touch. My face has a healthy glow and the one chicken pox scar I have on my chin was apparently disappearing.

My sun-damaged forearms seem to be getting better also. If you look at my images, you can see the before and after of the damage. Yes, I took pictures because I knew I would be writing this review, good or bad. The after picture is one month of using Bio-Oil.

Note that not only is the damaged area fading, my arm hair is getting lighter. There is also a freckle or two there you can see have lightened up. I am amazed at the results.

As I mentioned I am using Bio-Oil all over my body. After extended use, I can see a vast improvement in the over all texture of my skin. I only use the oil all over after a bath or shower when my pores are open and receptive. However, I like to apply the oil on my arms several times a day. I may cut back on that habit, if the damaged area goes completely away.

As for my face, I always had a great routine for keeping it up, exfoliated, and moisturized. I have added this magical oil to my routine. I love how soft my face feels, very kissable.

After using this fantastic product for such a short time and seeing the results I have seen, I really think everyone should try it.

Note: I did not rate Fragrance/Oil because this product is not only oil, it has a mild fragrance. The scent reminds me of original Dial Gold bar soap, if that makes any sense. However, it is very light and does not in any way over power you, your perfume or cologne.

Ingredients (the short list):

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Calendula oil

Lavender oil

Rosemary oil

Chamomile oil

PurCellin Oilâ„¢

Update On Apr 14, 2010: If you've been wanting to try Bio-Oil, and live in the USA, the Bio-Oil website has a $2.00 off coupon offer. I just printed my coupon and it expires on April 30, 2010. The coupon file opens and prints through Adobe.