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Bio Orb Composter

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uaezarb By uaezarb on
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I'm an avid gardener and am always trying to amend my soil, to get the best growing conditions possible for my plants.

I had already been composting for years by the conventional method of just putting grass clippings and leaves in a pile and turning it over every so often until it broke down into soil. Then I was offered the Bio-orb Composter by someone that didn't need it anymore. I tried it and love how much faster the material composts!

All I have to do is put in the grass clippings, leaves and scraps from the kitchen, water it down and snap the lid back on. Every 5-10 days I roll it around a little to get things stirred up and check to make sure it is still moist. If it looks dried out, I just add a little more water. In a matter of a couple of months I get fully composted black gold for my garden.

The reason this works faster than regular composting is that you are able to get more air to the material by rolling the bin and it is made of black recycled plastic that draws the solar energy to it, this heats up the bin for helping the composting process. There are holes all around the bin to help get air in and to let rainwater enter. The holes also allow for drainage, in case it would get too wet.

The bio-orb comes in 36" and 44" diameter and has a 5-year warranty.

Update On Apr 01, 2008: I had a question from someone asking if there is an odor given off by the composter. The answer is no, not all. The key is to keep a compost working. That is easy to do with this composter, because all you have to do is roll it around a little every week or so to keep the natural break down working.