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Bio Shock, An Awesome Game.

Reviewing: 2 K Boston/2 K Australia Bio Shock  |  Rating:
By cipherical on
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Since I am not good at "grouping" the words together, I will list all the things that are good and bad of this game. The Bad: It has glitches. The Good: It has incredible graphics, a Morality-based story-line (I never really knew that you could create a first person that makes you think about your morals), it successfully combines gameplay and narrative, magnificent voice-acting, great weapons (you can also upgrade your weapons with explosive, toxins, and other stuff that will make your weapon more lethal.), there are many ways to kill your enemy, intelligent enemy AI (sometimes it's not you who is attacking them, its them that attacks you), amazing gameplay, you can make security turrets your friend by hacking them, you get to genetically modify your body with plasmids giving you awesome abilities, you get to explore the world of Rapture, the metropolis built under the sea by the maniacal Andrew Ryan. Bio Shock is an awesome game. It's worth your money.