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Bioshock: The Genetically Enhanced Review

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By shamoke on
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Bioshock is a 1st person shooter for the Xbox 360 gaming console, and is developed by 2k Games, the same makers of "Morrow Wind".

You play the role as Jack, a passenger and survivor of a plane that crashes in the middle of the ocean. Now before you read this and say, "Oh no, a 'Lost' spin-off" this in unlike any, any survivor game/television show you have seen. Upon escaping from the wreckage of the plane, you journey to a hidden underwater city that's not far from Antlantis. In the underwater city, you will come across a variety of weapons, enemies, crazed physcopaths, and plasmids, that can either aid or harm you in your journey.

Bioshock plays and feels like a genuine 1st person shooter, and will quickly please any fan of the genre. One of the best elements of it being are the powers that are given to you throughout the game via injections with neddles. The Plasmids are a unique system and not only helps you pprogress through the game, but also make the game enjoyable, because it's always fun zapping enemies with lightning bolts, or snapping your fingers to set an approaching Splicer ablaze.

If you have a Xbox 360, Bioshock is a must-have, no matter what your favorite type of game is.