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Bioshock: Xbox 360 Game Review

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Bioshock is deep in more ways than one. Not only does it have a detailed plot that is told entirely through game play, but it also takes place in an underwater city called Rapture. So it really is literally deep. Bioshock is Ken Levine's interpretation of the popular Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged." In the game, he tells the story of what would happen if a truly autonomous society were created, unfettered by government or religion. In this case, bad things happen.

As you enter Rapture, you are fully immersed into an environment that continuously builds upon the story of how things went wrong with billionaire Andrew Ryan's underwater utopia. You are confronted with grotesque genetic experiments gone astray, and you must kill them to survive.

A key element in the story of Bioshock is Adam. Adam is power. It can only be extracted from small children in the game called Little Sisters, who are protected by their Big Daddy guardians. Kill a Big Daddy and you have a choice: take a little Adam from the child, and let her live; or, take a lot of Adam from the child, killing her in the process.

Bioshock has a great story, highly detailed environments, and really makes you feel like you are taking part in an engaging and immersive mystery. But so what? What about the weapons, powers, abilities, etc.? Don't worry; none of these things are left out.

There are eight weapons (well, seven if you don't count the camera) among which the shotgun is perhaps the most satisfying to kill most enemies with. There are lots of other items scattered about the levels, some in plain sight and others tucked away behind objects, in plant beds, etc. There are healing kits, Eve injections (required to use super powers), and various bits of food and beverage.

Super powers come from plasmids, which are injections to modify your DNA and give you such powers as electric bolts, fireballs, telekinesis, etc. Altogether there are 10 types of plasmid. Additionally, there are tonics that have various effects on game play from boosting your damage to bolstering your hacking skills.

There's also a system that allows you to upgrade your skills, increase the number of skills you have, and add specialized effects to those skills. In this way, you can spend Adam to improve your character's abilities and allow you to beat difficult foes as you progress through the game.

Bioshock might seem difficult and complex at first for a novice gamer. But don't fret. Just try the game on easy difficulty and don't worry if you die, because it's free to get revived in a Vita Chamber. For FPS veterans, on the other hand, this game becomes fairly easy once you've mastered the enemy patterns and settled down on a couple skills to upgrade fully and get you through the game.