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Bio Shock Xbox 360 Underwater Madness

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By kalel on
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As you stand over a genetically mutated corpse, you take a picture of its final, twisted expression to please a cruel puppet master. You hear haunting music playing from a nearby radio. The massive creature trips one of your proximity mines and fixes a glowing red eye on you in rage. These kinds of heart stopping moments raise BioShock all the way to the top. The ruined utopia of Rapture is portrayed in vivid detail, and it's impossible not to get immersed in the story of its collapse as you fight to escape with an ingenious variety of weapons and powers. With survival being the main focus, the game gives you just enough resources to improvise your strategy, but never enough to make you feel with absolute certainty that you will make it out alive. Every battle offers a new opportunity to test your abilities and unlock your full potential. The respawn system is slightly flawed, but the intensity never falters. You still have to make every bullet count to survive this underwater madness. In terms of chilling atmosphere, great combat, and amazing revelations, nothing comes close to BioShock.