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Bish Bash Bosch! Hot Glue Gun.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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For years I had seen these on the TV, thinking they were no more than a fad. One day, for no particular reason, I saw one on sale, and just fancied the idea, so I bought it, there & then.

The decision turned out to be a good one, I have used this on so many different materials, and it has many advantages. It is basically a dispenser for glue sticks, which come out of a heating element HOT, so be careful. The glue is applied to whatever you need to stick, bearing mind it is cooling all the time, and when this stuff sets, it is pretty strong. One problem is that the gun takes different types of glue sticks for different purposes, and the glue that comes out, may not be the corredt glue you want, because it will be whatever you used the last time!

Another disadvantage, is the fact that the gun takes a few minutes to warm up, this is not a major problem, you just switch it on and buy the time you have all your gear together, it is ready. The gun has a pistol grip, and the glue is very easy to apply. Therte is a metal fitting on the end, so you can put the gun down without it melting the carpet for example.

The glue sticks themselves, are available everywhere, although you have to be careful, as so many of the cheap & nasty ones, are sold in professional looking packaging, so you think you have got good ones when they are in fact rubbish. The glue is a good gap-filler, and once applied, you have a minute or so before it hardens. This is usually no problem, but you must near it in mind if using it on long applications of glue, as the first bit you apply will have gone off before the last is applied!

These are made by the famous Bosch Company, so are good quality tools. You can buy cheaper brands, but for the little extra, I would go for the best. The Guarantee is one year, and the after sales service is very good.

The glue gun cames complete with a blow moulded case, which is very good, and has plenty of room for not just the gun, but spare glue sticks too. You will need a mains electric supply of course, although you can get the gun hot, then take it to the job and still apply hot glue before it hardens.

The glue is suitable for metals, wood, plastics, glass, MDF, ceramics, leather, and many more materials.

I can thoroughly recommend these glue guns. I forget how much I paid, but it was worth every Penny.

Update On Feb 02, 2011: After all this time, the glue gun has had a lot of use, and is performing brilliantly. The one and only problem I have come across, is that a small amount of hot glue has started to leak from the side of the nozzle, not a great problem as long as you remember.