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Bissell Cleanview Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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So there I was, feeling all domesticated and had to buy a new vacuum for our carpet since our last one decided we were too dirty to work for. We shopped around and wanted to buy that one the British dude on TV says is made of alien space technology and is bagless, but we couldn't afford giving up my first born. After all, who's going to be next in line for being trained on the virtues of vacuuming?

Instead we went and got this Bissell Cleanview because, unlike the last vacuum's opinion, we aren't THAT dirty and didn't need anything industrial sized. I must say it is a pretty good piece of machinery. It is excellent at catching all the big pieces of paper left behind by my daughter's incessant need to build crafts and cards for every classmate she has. Even the big dirt chunks from my boots go up the chamber with no problem. The Revolution is a powerful machine!

What else is nifty is that "dirt sensor" technology. It has a light that turns red when it isn't finished picking up dirt, and green when you are free to move on. "Wow", I thought. "What a way to get my kids to vacuum! They already know how to play red light green light and always tell me when the lights change on the road!" If you really want to make sure every possible allergen is removed from your carpet, this is a wonderful feature. It may take you an extra 20 or 30 minutes, but it is worth it.

The attachments are o.k. There is an attachment that supposedly makes it easier to vacuum drapes and stairs. Its a miniature version of the vacuum brush, but is powered by air and not electricity. Well, I don't vacuum drapes. And the stairs are much faster to clean with the vacuum itself.

The Bissell is easy to maintain for the most part. Changing the cannister is soooooo easy it's not worth typing about. Changing the belts aren't a problem, either, except that you have to change the belts a little more than I would like. Maybe it's because I occasionally vacuum up marbles and nails.

I recommend the Bissell Revolution for your next house vacuum. It's not bad for the price, and you can train your kids on it! Maybe they'll leave you alone with the traffic lights from now on.