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Bissell Spot Bot Pet Saved My Carpets!

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We have a border collie. She's a wonderful, loving, sweet pooch. What isn't so great is that she has allergies that require her to be on a steroid which makes her drink gallons of water. Which makes her need to "go out" every 20 minutes. Or, so it seems. When she first went on the steroid, she was still being house trained and although she had a few accidents prior - we were on the ball and were able to clean them up quickly to avoid stains. After the steroid kicked in, we learned of how often she needed to go out after finding several accident spots on our carpets---including the stairs. I called a professional steam cleaner company and they worked the floors over. I was not at all satisified with the results. You could still see some spots and, especially on the riser of the stairs, you could see dribble stains - gross!

Christmas arrived a week or so later and under the tree, from our sweet pooch, was a gift to me. The Bissell SpotBot Pet. This is an amazing machine! Out of the box set-up was a snap. Directions were very easy to understand. Included was a bottle of carpet cleaner and a bottle of OxyGen 2 which you can mix with the cleaner.

You have two cleaning options: Automatic and Manual. For automatic cleaning, position the Bissell SpotBot Pet circular brush over the stain to be cleaned and then press the stain setting - Surface or Set In Stain, and walk away. The little bot will work away applying cleaner, scrubbing, rinsing and suctioning up the dirt and stain leaving you free for something fun. If you wonder what the Bissell SpotBot Pet is up to, you can glance at the top of the machine and a small light appears next to each action. Spray, brush, suction and finish. Of course I tried this first and it did a fair job on its own.

On the next stain the "professional" was unable to remove, I tried the manual option. A scrub brush is attached to the side of the machine which easily pops off and securely fastens to the hose. You are in full control of how much of the cleaning solution you apply with a trigger conveniently and comfortably located where your index finger would naturally rest. The Bissell SpotBot Pet comes with a long cord - longer than I expected, making it extra nice not having to unplug and relocate to a closer outlet.

I made two passes laying down the solution and then began to gently agitate and scrub the stain back and forth, while the Bissell SpotBot Pet also sucked up the stain, dirt and any remainig solution. For a stain about 7 inches in diameter, it took me about 5 minutes of working the bristle brush back and forth to remove the stain - completely! I never added more solution. Just the two passes I mentioned above. I didn't need to lean into the brush either. Gentle pressure was plenty.

I was a little skeptical as I've tried other carpet cleaners in the past and after an area dries, I tend to see some remnant of a stain left behind. Not with the Bissell SpotBot Pet. The stain was gone - 100% invisable! An added pro would be a barely damp area when I finished so it dried much faster, too!

Off to the stairs, the tred and riser for three steps. The Bissell SpotBot Pet fits very nicely on the step. No need to worry about it toppling over while you work. Those three steps and risers took me less than 20 minutes to clean and only hours to dry. Each and every stain was utterly and completely gone.

I have used the Bissell SpotBot Pet to remove fruit juice, soda, coffee, chili, and a number of other stains that normally land on a livingroom carpet in a home with a dog, a husband and three boys. Each and everyone has been removed. For the fruit juices, I moved quickly to grab the Bissell SpotBot Pet, add the cleaning solution and attack the stain. I have yet to be disappointed with the manual cleaning option.

Cons: The Automatic setting leaves the carpet a little more damp than the Manual. There is also a note to not leave the Bissell SpotBot Pet, when using the auto setting, on the carpet after the unit has finished and turned off. The wet bristles can stain the carpet - I assume because if dirt residue clings to the bristles, it will seep back into the carpet.

I haven't decided if this is is a con or not, but for the price of $129.00 it lasted almost three years. I used it so much that the hose cracked and when I needed to use it, I couldn't. I had to resort to the old dab and blot to remove a spill. That very day though, I went out and purchased another, pictured above. I've already used it twice. I could not live without the Bissell SpotBot Pet!!