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Biz Laundry Booster Gets Out Heavy Dirt!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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A pre-soak in Biz will clean lots of really seriously dirty items. There are some old stains it hasn’t cleaned, but overall it really does the job.

My kitchen will never win Best in Show. I’ve never been able to train a long line of male beings that kitchen towels were not for wiping the floor, or drying muddy hands before washing them. But I try to keep the kitchen one level above condemnation by the health department.

Every so often I decide that the towels are just too gray, even for me. So they go into a hot soak with Biz for about an hour, and then into the washing machine. You can see one towel before and after, with the dirty water (from just that one towel) after an hour in a soak of 1/4 c Biz to about a gallon of water. This is half their recommended dose, but for one towel I cut back from the directions.

The package claims to make "whites whiter, colors brighter and stains disappear." Now, this towel will never look brand new again, but it definitely looks clean enough to be saved from the rag box.

Biz options include:

Adding it to your laundry regularly in place of bleach. I have never tried this, but I’m sure it would help.

Pre-soaking- I’ve mentioned that

Pre-treating- you can make a paste of Biz and water and spot treat a really tough stain. There have been some old grease stains on table linens that it has not removed, but it has lessened them. There is one stain of unknown origin on a sweater that it could not remove (sadly, nothing has)

It says it’s safe for all colorfast washables. I’ve never had it damage anything. There are specific directions to test for colorfastness on garments labled “no bleach.” It is safe for septic tanks.

The odor is pleasant, just kind of soapy, and not too strong.

It works best (as do all stain removers) if you use it before the stains have gone through the laundry a couple of times. It has removed serious black-mud stains on white socks and other light-colored clothes for me. A good soaking in Biz will brighten up a tub full of dingy clothes, too. It works best in hot water, if the fabrics will take the heat.