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Black And Decker Classic Toaster Oven

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Small Efficient Household Decker Toasteroven

When I threw out our 4 slice toaster while packing to move I expected to go out and purchase a new stainless steel toaster to replace it. Instead, when my husband went to make breakfast one morning shortly after we were settled and he couldn't locate the toaster he questioned me and I had to fess up to the fact that yes, I was up to my old tricks of throwing things away that I wanted to replace. He decided it was time to drag me out to the store and pick up a toaster so that he would be able to have toast with his breakfast.

After looking at the toasters that were available I discovered that I didn't like any of them very much. My husband, seeing that I was taking longer to make a decision than he'd expected began looking at toaster ovens. I could see his mind working away trying to decide whether or not the purchase of one would be a wise move.

This particular Toaster oven isn't anything fancy. The idea behind getting it was mainly to allow the kids to create meals that were fast to put together and wouldn't take the need for using the gas stove, especially if neither my husband or I were home. This toaster can be used to bake, broil and toast and it's very simple to operate with only a few dials which control the type of cooking you want to do and another dial that allows you to adjust the amount of time to cook.

Although the kids love the toaster for making pizza bagels and other things, I still think that it will be more efficient energy wise if we purchase a 4 slice toaster for those times when all we want to do is make toast or bagels plain.

I'd like to see the tray that comes with the oven made from a non-stick surface instead of the aluminum as I think this would make clean up much more pleasant. There is a crumb tray beneath the cooking elements which removes easily and cleans up quickly but the tray on which food sits and cooks has already become rather ugly looking simply because of browning that takes place due to the heat it is subjected to.

I am still glad that we purchased this oven though as it makes it very easy for the kids to grab quick snacks throughout the day or even make their own meals when ever they wish. For anyone looking for an affordable toaster oven that doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles this unit is an affordable choice.