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Black Decker Wet Dry Hand Vacuum

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This little wet/dry hand held rechargeable vacuum is ideal for quick picker upper type jobs such as when my little Apricot canary is molting and his feathers spread all over the floor or he (or I) drop his seed all over the floor or for those times when hauling out the central vac just doesn't seem like a fun thing to do. It's also great when someone has spilled juice, water, coffee or a soda on places like the carpet!

Despite it's hand held compact nature and the fact that it sits on a charger unit when not in use, this little fellow is fairly powerful for it's size.

It's a brother to the old Dust Buster units and having owned one of them before I can definitely say that this fellow is definitely an improvement to the older units.

I've picked up all kinds of things with the little vacuum including vacuuming the interior of the car on occasion. The only draw backs I've found thus far is that if you are running the vacuum continually in order to clean something up, the battery will die within 20 minutes and sucking power will degrade rapidly then. As for picking up objects, provided they aren't too large so as not to clog the rather small opening at the tip of the vacuum's nozzle area, things like seeds, sand, even grass and dirt can be sucked up fairly easily and rapidly with this.

Fluids are a quick matter and the only thing you must be careful of is that if the liquid sucked up is of a sticky consistency or has a tendency to dry a bit stickily, you need to ensure that you've washed and rinsed the removable end of the vacuum and rinsed the filter well before replacing it on the charger.

The charger works rapidly and at times if I've killed the poor thing with aggressive vacuuming, I can usually use it again in about 15 minutes although the charge won't be full and wearing the battery down again doesn't take very long then.

Over all this is a handy little device to have for those times when lugging out the big boys just aren't worth the effort. The charger mounts on a wall, we have ours in the laundry room always ready to go, and it operates quietly enough that if you had sleeping young ones you didn't want to disturb while cleaning up during nap times, this unit will allow you to operate it with ease and relative quiet.

I'd not be without this handy vac because it's very convenient to have available and although it definitely isn't a full size power house, it doesn't claim to be. It does what it says and overall does it reasonably well. I found I've gotten my money's worth from it. It's almost 2 years old now and is still working well. As a matter of fact my oldest daughter used it this past week to actually vacuum her entire apartment! Her back was sore, but her floors were quite clean. Great in a pinch machine.