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Black Diamond 1 Gb Ddr Sodimm Ram

Reviewing: Black Diamond M 333 N 1024 Bd10 1 Gb 333m Hz Ddr Sodimm  |  Rating:
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I really enjoyed playing Sims 2 on my Compaq Presario laptop, and with 256MB of RAM, the game ran smoothly. But then I added the Open For Business expansion pack, and I could hardly get the game to run at all. The game froze up constantly, taking five minutes or more to perform the simplest series of actions that used to run smoothly. I went on-line to find out if anyone else was having this problem, too, and yes, freezing is a common problem, especially with Open For Business, if your computer does not have enough RAM. It's highly recommended that you have at least 512 MB, and preferrably 1GB of RAM for that particular expansion pack to get the smoothest game play.

Well, my Compaq Presario R3000 is actually capable of 2GB of RAM, but when I initially purchased it, I just ordered the basics of everything, knowing that I could upgrade everything later if I wanted to, but there was no sense paying to have something installed on my laptop that I wasn't going to use, either. Oh, but I really wanted to play that Open For Business expansion pack because I love start-up businesses. So I decided to spring for more RAM.

I had already blown apart one of my desktop computers back in 2003 by installing the wrong RAM type into the motherboard slot. And I didn't want to make that same mistake again. So when I went comparison shopping at www.pricewatch.com, I didn't search for the best possible price this time, but for the best possible store.

What makes www.memory-up.com so special compared to the other stores that sell memory cards, whether online or as brick and mortars, is that they offer 3 different methods for determining which is the correct memory card for your particular computer model. The Memory Finder will walk you step by step through your computer brand name, model and model number before determining exactly which memory cards are correct for your computer. The Memory Scanner will scan your computer directly with an ActiveX applet to determine exactly what and how much memory you're already using and how much more you can add, which is particularly handy if you've upgraded your motherboard and RAM since the original model purchase. And the Model Search can be used if you already know what the model number of your computer is, such as R3000. If you use one of those three memory search methods to determine the correct memory cards for your computer, then those selected for you memory cards are guaranteed to work in your computer or your money back. Plus www.memory-up.com offers free shipping with every order.

The other option is to search ALL DAY through hundreds of different memory cards that were designed for hundreds of different motherboard models, each with their own peculiar specs that makes one memory card either compatible or incompatible with another. So when I find a store that offers me a great service, they get both my highest recommendation and my money even if they're not the least expensive.

When the Black Diamond memory card arrived in the mail, there were no installation instructions included in the box. I have never added memory to a laptop before, so I found my original Compaq Presario guide and figured out where the PCI memory bay was from that. I needed to use one of those tiny Phillip's head screwdrivers that you can use for repairing eyeglasses to open up the memory bay in my laptop. There's only one direction that a memory card can be installed to line up with the groove in the card correctly, so I didn't worry about putting the card in backwards. But a laptop memory bay is a little tiny for my fingers to work in, and it was a little hard shoving that Black Diamond memory card down into its fully seated position so that I could snap up the two locking tabs on either side of the PCI slot. I ran a full scan of my computer then, and there were no bad sectors on my new 1Gb of RAM.

I started up the Open For Business expansion pack for Sims 2, and it ran very smoothly compared to before. I still have to shut the game down about every 12 hours and reboot to clear out the RAM memory cache when the gameplay starts to get sticky, but otherwise, buying the extra RAM did the trick, and I've had many hours of enjoyment from that computer game.