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Black Jack Jet Action Crawling Insect Spray

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By bmused on
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Crawling insects, particularly cockroaches and ants, can be a nuisance in any household. Black Jack insect spray is remarkably effective at killing these pests. (This review is based exclusively on my experiences using Black Jack to eradicate cockroaches).

First, Black Jack works fast. Most cockroaches will begin to walk in circles and go into death throes within a couple of seconds of coming into contact with just a drop of this liquid insect killer. Larger cockroaches will hold out a little longer, but they too are not long for this world. You may observe these more robust specimens trying to flee, but they will walk more and more slowly until they succumb. In other words, it's safe to say that Black Jack kills bugs very, very dead.

Black Jack also has an excellent delivery system. Instead of being equipped with a regular spray button (like your typical can of Raid), a can of Black Jack has a long, very thin tube attachment. When you press the button at the top of the can, a steady stream of liquid comes shooting out of the tube. This has two big advantages. First, the tube allows the user to aim the spray more precisely and reduce the amount of insect killer that is dispersed throghout the room. Second, the tube can be inserted into small cracks and spaces--for instance, a crack behind a kitchen cabinet or a narrow space between the stove and the kitchen counter. When a typical spray killer is used, cockraoches can retreat into these cracks and spaces and wait until the chemical assault is over. The tube attachment allows you to actually reach into the cockroaches hiding spaces and kill them there.

Black Jack does have some disadvantages. As one would expect with a highly effective insect killer, Black Jack is highly toxic. Great care should be exericsed in using this product, especially around pets and children and in areas where food is stored and prepared. In addition, Black Jack has a strong, unpleasant odor. It's a good idea to crack the windows during and a short time after the application of Black Jack to disperse the odor as well as to reduce the amount of chemical spray inhaled by the non-insect residents of your home.