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Black Lucky Gi Kimono

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billtkatt By billtkatt on
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Ok so first thing your thinking is... who would pay $500.00 for a Jiu-Jitsu Gi? The answer, a guy who loves training and "missed the boat" when the run of 250 came out in February.

So this Gi has been raved, and reviewed on being the best Gi anyone could own out there. I looked at many photos and write ups on it, and loved the design. Heard all good reviews on it, and when it came out in February, it was around $225 for the white, and $260 for the black.

Last year they all sold out in the first month they were out, and they only make a limited amount (excellent business maneuver there). So I was watching for them to come out again this year.... saw them come out.... and thought to myself I would buy two, keep one and sell the other on Ebay around Christmas and get my money back and then some.

Well instead I got a large tattoo (which is better than a Gi I must add), and when I had money to spend. All the Gi's were sold out everywhere.

Well I found a black one on Ebay, and I had a good month on Expotv and selling on Ebay so thought I would go for it.

So I won the gi for around $465 (plus shipping) and got it in a couple days time. Loved the design, it feels very light and has a humerous inside tag (you'd have to read it) and other very detailed features. When you wear it to the gym, people stop and take notice and ask you 100 questions about it.

It has built in kneepads which are competition legal, and are also "blessed" by Bhuddest monks for luck. It comes in a handy carry bag (kinda small) and again has many designs on that as well!

The only drawback so far, is that it "bleeds" all over the white Gi's at the school. Being in Jiu-Jitusu for the last nine years, i'm "learned" in that I wash every Gi I buy at least twice before wearing it to class. This way I don't turn everyones Gi a different color!

So I rolled with a few people at class, and turned their Gi's a little Grey in color. This was after washing it twice.

So with that being the only drawback, and if you have the money to spend, I recommend this Gi if your:

A: looking for something different that will turn heads

B: Want to look extra cool when winning (or losing) at a tournament

C: Want a very comfortable Gi