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Black Socks They Never Get Dirty....

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lexxia By lexxia on
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One of my signature looks is any garment that is black! I have more black clothing than Johnny Cash did I'm sure. I'm drawn to the shade for some reason and well, when you have blondish hair - black always looks classy don't you think?

These socks are really nothing spectacular. They are a blend of 78% cotton, 18% polyester and 4% spandex but for just $3.96 for three pair - they aren't really that terrible - I've owned worse.

The material is not overly thin so they make a good sock for wearing beneath pants or jeans - especially skinny jeans - because they aren't bulky enough to leave any tell tale sign of where the leg ends and the sock begins.

These are calf length socks that can be rolled over to ankle sock length without much bulk existing so they work well for the summer - light enough that your feet won't become too hot, yet heavy enough that if you don't like to go bare feet in shoes your feet will have some protection.

I've purchased these socks before and have usually "lost" them to my daughter before they've worn out. I'm not very hard on my socks so they usually last me a long time or until I get tired of them.

For inexpensive socks these usually hold up quite well and I've not had a pair that has had any problems keeping their shape or staying put on my legs. They seem to wash well and the black stays black even after many washings.

Good, economical socks that have lasted much better than I expected.