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Black Berry Bold Oohhh La La!

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The Blackberry Bold is a stylish, elegant smart phone and now one has come to live with us. My oldest son ordered this phone the other day and decided that he wanted to give it to his youngest sister for Christmas - which basically will make my daughter's Christmas given that she has wanted a Sidekick for months now and until very recently, hadn't even considered the Blackberry Bold. The other day though she had been looking through the Rogers site and came across it and decided she wanted to change her mind - she wanted a Bold. She'll be thrilled.

This phone takes advantage of the fast HSDPA network and the plan that is part of this phone includes 10, 000 text messages, 10, 000 video and comes with iTune sync so that she will be able to transfer her iTunes from her computer to the phone.

It's also GPS ready with Blackberry mapping so that you can easily call up a map from anywhere and find your location on it and easily get to where you need to go - no more need for a vehicle GPS. The nice thing about that is the phone that I'll be taking over from my daughter also has that feature so I'll now have my own little GPS (yay), knew there was an advantage in there for me somewhere.

It also has Wi-Fi accessibility and so no matter where she is she'll have access to the internet and she'll be able to surf from just about anywhere - it will also access "hot spots" so that when she is out traveling she'll have access to the internet in places where even cell service might not be available.

A WordToGo and SlideShowToGo feature means she'll be able to work on MS Word and Powerpoint files if she needs to, again from almost anywhere (this is something even I'd love to have). It also has built in mobile streaming so that she'll be able to watch videos or listen to streamed music casts. The battery life is about 13.5 days (324 hours) standby and 4.5 hours full talk time which is quite reasonable and it is also Bluetooth ready. It accepts polyphonic/MIDI ringtones and features over 30 with the phone with the capability to add additional ones. You can also create and send voice notes - including such things as your child's first words, laugh or whatever you wish. You can also download a variety of ringtones whenever you choose. It also accepts Micro MiniSD memory cards to expand the 1G of onboard memory the phone has built in to it. Another nice feature is the Mute button so that you can put the phone in Standby mode for those times when you don't want to be bothered or so that you can ensure that you don't make a phone call when you really didn't want to (accidentally?). As well you can schedule the phone to turn on and off at preconfigured times just by setting this feature up when you initially set the phone up for use, or at any time. As well, you can easily set up your email address for easily accessing your email from anywhere or add a new email whenever you wish.

The LCD display is exceptionally clear and crisp with a 480x320 dpi screen. With wireless email access, organizer, browser, camera, video, corporate data access, SMS and MMS to instantly receive images, videos and pictures from othr phones or email addresses, Blackberry Messenger and an optional Yahoo messenger, picture caller ID, built in speakerphone, Qwerty keyboard, World wide phone accessible which will be usable anywhere around the globe, this is a lot more phone than my dear daughter needs - perhaps I should take it over - I can see it now - no more being bored waiting in long check out lines, Doctor or Dentist offices or even while on road trips - pulling out this phone I could simply work on some articles for the new Bounty - boy, I'd be in heaven then! ;)

It's a little wider than the average phone measuring about 4.5" high by 2.6" wide but it's easily useable with one hand for accessing the keyboard quickly or any of the features it offers. The track ball is pretty sensitive but very easy to use and everything just glides like butter when handling the trackball and the keyboard. A very nice phone over all.

We've never had any reception problems with Rogers and this phone is no different - it's clear and non-static reception is excellent - we never have problems with reception even in places such as steel structures, basements or in elevators and this phone appears to promise that my daughter will continue to have the kind of reception that she's come to depend upon with all of her other phones - all 6 so far and counting!

It comes equipped with USB cable, holster, stereo headset and travel charger.

Overall this phone which sells for $699 without a plan is definitely going to keep my daughter happy for awhile at least. It's not only a phone - it's a PDA, a computer, a GPS, an MP3 player and so much more! The nice thing about when she decides she doesn't want it any longer? It will revert to being my phone - good things come to those who wait and given my daughters history with phones which she changes almost as frequently as she does her outfits - perhaps I won't have too long to wait before this beauty becomes mine!

Update On Aug 13, 2009: I've since taken over this phone from my daughter & although many apps for it are pay apps I've found some great free ones. I use this phone frequently to study & read ebooks/pdfs, keep track of finances, emails, updates for twitter/facebook, etc., find the best sales on food & goods in my area, shopping lists & so much more. Apps I love include Vlingo, Google Latitude, QSM & MobiPocket. An update of the OS corrected a shut down problem & since its been working flawlessly. Even with wifi on almost always my battery life is about 5 days worth between charges. It has even made me a texting guru, the keyboard is very user friendly & one hand texting is simple now. I also enjoy adding audio books to it & playing them via the media player which includes extra amplification for quieter narrated books. Most importantly, I never miss an email now! Screen size is just about right for me.