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Blackberry Curve 8310 Wowie!!

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It was time to upgrade my cell phone, so I did a little review searching, and came up with a list of phones I would most likely buy. In the end, I chose the Blackberry Curve 8310. One of the things that persuaded me to buy this particular cell phone is that it has a qwerty keyboard. I have to admit, I'm not the fastest texter in the world! Even with the qwerty keyboard, I can be slow, but I feel more comfortable with it. The other feature I liked was access to the web.

When I visit my mom once a year, I feel a bit out of touch because she doesn't have a computer. Usually I take along my laptop, but it there isn't any wireless connection so it does me no good. This is where my new Blackberry will come in very handy! I can pick up my email, and surf the Internet to my heart's content! Oh! And did I mention it is an mp3 player too? With those two features, I just eliminated two pieces of electronics I don't need to pack! It's like a mini-computer!

The Blackberry is also loaded with a calendar, alarm, calculator, camera w/flash, address book. task list, folder for media, memo pad, games, and a GPS. (Another electronic gizmo I don't need to pack!)

It's wise to purchase a media card to hold your mp3 and other media downloads. It comes with software you load onto your computer so you can manage your files and upload them into you Blackberry. I find this handy for downloading ringtones. Simply download to your computer, hook up the USB cable between the computer and phone, and transfer the ringtones.

The phone is capable of playing video, but it does NOT have a video camera. This is where it comes in handy transferring media from computer to phone. If you must watch a video on your phone, you can load it up that way.

I'm sure this is more phone than I need! But if you travel you can have your GPS, mp3, Internet, and email all in one handy unit! Oh yeah, did I mention you can make phone calls with it too! It does everything but call your mom on Mother's Day for you!!

Footnote: I think the Apple iPod may be a better phone for displaying web pages, but I didn't want to commit to the long term Internet plan that is required for that phone. I can add, or take away my Internet plan as I need it with the Blackberry.