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Blackberry Curve 8900 Review

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By pmdowd6 on
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Electronics Blackberry 8900 Curve Phones

I have been using the Blackberry Curve 8900 now for a year and a half now and overall, I love it. It is a great phone for email, texting and social networking. The phone has many apps you can add to it for social networking from the Blackberry App store and from 3rd party app developers. The texting on the Blackberry 8900 in my opinion is outstanding because of the layout of the screen how it allows you to see all previous texts from that person in one spot. The keyboard is also. The buttons are nicely laid out but may be a little too small for people with larger hands. The other problem with them keyboard is instead of having a dedicated period key, it has a dedicated money sign key which I find myself rarely using. Other than those few thing they keyboard is nicely laid out and allows for fast texting and email. The next thing I want to talk about is the web browser. It is not the greatest one out there but certainly not the worst. It can be slow if you are not running on 3g or in a wifi area and youtube videos do not run unless in a wifi area. The other problem is there is no tabbed browsing which can be a real pain if you want more than one page open at a time. so overall RIM could have done a better job with the browsing. The next thing I want to move into is size and display. The 8900's screen display is one of the best in my opinion as it looks like it is in HD. The screen size is a fair amount at 480x360 pixels and does well when running videos. The size and weight of the blackberry curve 8900 is unlike any other PDA. it is very slim and does not way a lot at all. it fits comfortably in your hand and when in your pocket it is barely noticeable. It is a must in a cell phone for me that it can't be too heavy and I definitely scored a home run on this phone. I highly recommend it and give it an overall score of 4.1/5