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Blackberry Curve Amazing Phone

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justforfun By justforfun on
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I love my Blackberry Curve. Read my review. I had my eye on a Blackberry for the past few months. My cellualar plan was nearing re-newal and I would qualify to upgrade my phone. The $299 price is what I paid at the AT&T store, but I did receive a mail in rebate for $100

I wanted a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard for the ease of typing messages. I am not a fan of the templates or T9 text input. Honestly, I would become so frustrated trying to type a message, I never sent a text message with my last phone.

The next feature that drew me to the Curve is the 2 megapixal camera and it has a 5x digital zoom. The three photos of my dog were taken from the same distance but at 1 x zoom, 3 x zoom and then at 5 x zoom. I have been really pleased with the image quality. The camera also has an auto sensor for when the flash is needed. You can easily turn off the auto flash for those moments when flash photography is prohibited.

The last key factor when considering a new phone is I wanted to easily connect to the internet. I would constantly be out and about and think of one more errand to do, but wishing a had the telephone number to the business or able to get driving directions. One of my favorite sites to connect to is for movie listings. I use the Blackberry Unlimited Data Plan and the connection speed seems compariable with dial-up, maybe a little faster. It's been a long time since I've used dial up. I have three different e-mail accounts set up in my Blackberry and it is very easy to distinguish which address has new mail.

There are so many usable features of this phone that have proved to be bonuses for what I expected from a cell phone. My absolute favorite is the Music ID. You can use it when you hear a song and would like to know the title and artist. This has been fantastic for me. I am the worst at knowing who sings even my favorite songs. When the song is playing, select AT&T Music from your Main Menu, select MusicID and then wait a few seconds for it to analyze the song. The result will provide you the title, artist and an image of the cd cover.

There are only two disappointments with my Curve. The lack of being able to record video clips. However, you can down load videos. The other being the Calander only allows entries between the times of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If I have something important scheduled, I go under the Applications and set the reminder in Tasks.

The Curve is available in two colors, Titanium and Red. It measures 2.25" x 4" and weighs 4oz. The display screen is 2"x1.5" and easy to view. It comes with earbuds, USB cable, travel charger and Blackberry User Tools CD. The battery holds a charge for several days. I use it a lot for e-mails throughout the day. I fully charged it 2 days ago and the battery indicator has only dropped 1 bar. Bottom line it is by far the most enjoyable cell phone I have used in my 15 years of owning cell phones.