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Blackberry Pearl Love

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By marnm02 on
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When I buy I cell phone, I keep it for two years. I know lots of people who have a different phone every month, and I really don't know how they can afford it. I can't justify paying $500 for a phone. I need the promotional price. So, when it came time for me to finally trade in my ancient two year old phone for a new model, I was thrilled.

I told the guy working at Sprint that I want a new phone, and I intend on keeping it for two years, so show me the newest, coolest, best phone you have, and hopefully it won't be too ridiculous and outdated looking in two years.

The Blackberry Pearl 8130 is what he showed me. He said they had just gotten them in. I looked at it and heard about all the features, and I was sold!

I've had my Pearl for a couple months now, and couldn't be happier. My favorite feature is that I can sync it to my email account, so my emails pop up on my phone like text messages, and I don't have to get to a computer anymore to check my email! It also does many other cool things, like take pictures, record video, play mp3's, play the news, navigate, etc.

At first the way the keys were and the smart-type device that fills in words for you automatically frustrated me and caused me to text very slowly. But now that I am used to it I can text faster than ever! It does still bother me though, that my work voicemail must be navigated by pressing letters (i.e. "press K to keep the message") and that is all messed up on this phone because the letters are set up like a keyboard.

My only other big compaint is that the button to press to do voice-command calling is on the side of the phone. So I often accidentally hit it when I am holding the phone, especially if my hands are full. I've accidentally called a lot of people because of that.

Overall I'm very happy with my Pearl, and I'm very confident that it will still be kind of a cool phone two years from now!