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Blackberry Torch 9800

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Ryan Calvano By Ryan Calvano on
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I received this phone last christmas. Before this, i had the blackberry curve 8330, and i gotta say the only thing i miss is the small compact size of the curve. But other then that, EVERYTHING about the torch, is amazing. I've never been a fan of touch screens, but that was mainly because i never really liked typing on them. But since it has the slide out keyboard, it takes care of that problem. And since im not using the touch screen to type if i dont want to, it makes things a hell of a lot easier to navigate through the phone then using the touch screen instead of the trackpad. Oh, and thats another thing, the trackpad is 10x better then using the trackball. When you first hold the torch in your hands, it just feels right. Even though it is a bit larger then the average phone, it still feels good, so don't be pushed away by its size. It's not overly heavy, but it feels solid and has a nice feel to it. The slider is great as well and is kind of addicting sliding it in and out. Others say after a while that their slider started to feel wobbly and not as solid. But i've been using mine non stop everyday since last christmas, and it still feels the same as the day i got it. I got the black version of it from bell, or gray or whatever its called. I got this over the red or white because i found that when i had my last curve, it was red and since everybody drops and scratches their phones, the chips and scratches were much more noticeable. But with the color i have now, you can barely see the many scratches that i have now.

Personally i love the new OS 6. It makes everything a lot more user friendly. Its extremely user friendly on the torch though compared to the bold and the other blackberrys that have to use their trackpad to navigate the new system. When using the trackpad for navigating the homescreen on the torch it is a lot more difficult, so the touchscreen really helps. The display is amazing and everything is crystal clear. The touchscreen does work really well too, not like other touch phones that you find yourself taping multiple times just to hit one icon. One thing is that the game Brick Breaker is almost unfair, as it is 1000x easier using the touch screen, and i beat all 34 levels in the first day i had it. The battery life is decent on it, i do use it quite a bit and find myself recharging it everyday.

I could go on forever on how all of the features work well and how much i like it. But i think i can just say if your okay with having a somewhat larger phone, and are or want to be a blackberry user. Then get the torch. It has the best of both worlds with the touchscreen and slide out keyboard, but allows you to use the trackpad if your not a fan of the touchscreen as well. Its an easy to use phone and is solid and durable as well. Go out and get yourself a torch!