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Blackberry Tour 9630

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The 9630 is an excellent phone, with little downfalls that have no chance of overcoming the incredible features and pros of this smart phone. I have been using the Tour for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier.

They keys are laid out in a way that anyone’s fingers just naturally fall into place. I have had other smart phones in the past with full QWERTY keyboards, and they were very uncomfortable, and I was slow texting on them. Blackberry has created the keys to be an absolute perfect size and the layout is terrific. There is a symbol key right beside the space bar that is easily accessible and the end punctuation marks are all very accessible as well.

I love the scroll ball that most Blackberry phones include now. You can adjust the exact sensitivity of the scroll ball to your liking. I am a personal fan of the scroll ball over a touch screen. Why would you want a touch screen where you will scratch the screen after just a few days of owning it?

One minor downfall that I have, which I would include with any other smart phone that I would review, is the need for an unlimited data plan to get the full potential of this phone. With an unlimited data plan, you can work from the beach! There is an application store where you can buy/download everything you could possible need like Documents To Go or games to play during your downtime. The Tour also does not have a WiFi built in device, however if you have an unlimited data plan, there would be no reason to have WiFi.

The only major con that I have for the 9630 smart phones is the battery power. The battery life is about half of what you will read on any advertising or features page. The standby time will only last about five or six days (compared to 14 days listed) and talk time is about three hours (compared to 5 hours listed).

Overall, I give this phone an 4.5/5 review. There way too many upsides such as, 3.2 MP camera, wireless email, video recording, visual voice mail, and the slick design that could make this a sub 7/10 smart phone. This is my first Blackberry purchase, and this will definitely swing me to upgrading to more Blackberry phones in the future.