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Blackjack Original Review

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By Connor Templeton on
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I am a great fan of the original Blackjack. It had a very solid feel, good grip, very slim - with just one drawback -- an initially poor batter life that required an upgrade to an extended battery. All in all, a great hit. So when my Blackjack finally quit on me, I didn't hesitate to upgrade to the Blackjack 2. Now I wish I hadn't. Nothing on the Blackjack 2 screams wrong, but to overall number of "minor" problems adds up to an overall dissappointing experience.

Here are the misses:

1. Body feels cheap. Where as Blackjack 1 felt metal solid., Blackjack 2 feels plastic-like. It creaks in the hand and flexes a little when squeezed.

2. Body is slippery! This is a big miss for us road warriors who always have a tad bit of grease from that slice of pizza grabbed while running to the taxi. Blackjack 1 had a rubber-like skin that was great for grip. Blackjack 2 is destined to shoot out of my hand during a crucial call. (I've just read that the Burgandy model has a textured back. So I guess the black model is just for looks.

3. Training ground for law enforcement -- this phone retains and reveals fingerprints like nothing else. Always has the "smudged" look. Stylish...

4. Jogwheel is a step back from the blackjack side mounted wheel. Browsing through web pages is now a 2 hand experience.

5. Blackjack 2 Propietary USB port not compatible with Blackjack 1. Oh crap, so all those extra chargers are throw aways.

6. Battery cover even harder to open then previous blackjack. In part thanks to the superslick finish. In part thanks to no more notch in the cover. Amazingly bad!

7. Port covers feel like they'll break off just as fast as they did with the original Blackjack.

8. Phone gets warm when used in calls.