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Blam Blam Go The Covenant!

Reviewing: Bungie Halo: Combat Evolved (For Pc)  |  Rating:
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I got Halo for the PC about 3 years ago. I have played it ever since. Halo is a very unique game to me; not only is it a shooter, it is a shooter with a very good storyline. Most shooters that I have played have one storyline: an evil person (terrorist, madman bent on controlling the world, etc.) leaves a note or some piece of information leading the character to him, and in the end, the character wins and kills the person. There might be one plot twist (your partner is evil as well) but mainly they are all the same. Halo has many different twists and leaves you hanging sometimes wondering what is going to happen next. In the end, there are a few unanswered questions, but I felt satisfied in the end.

Now that the storyline is out of the way, let's get to the gameplay! The controls are quite simple, but it takes a little bit of studying to remember all of the buttons. The mouse allows the user to easily shoot, throw granades, and look with ease! All in all the controls are the simple, allowing much more fun looking at the screen instead of the keyboard. If you don't like the keybaord though, you have the added advantage of using a USB controller! The HUD is also pretty simple. I could easily see who was shooting at me, where they were, how many people were in the area, what my health & armor were, how much ammo I had, and where I was shooting (in some games, the reticle wasn't anywhere near where the bullets were going)! There are many options that allow the player to customize their playing experience and even the controls! The sound was amazing! There were multiple tracks of music, each suited to different parts of the game. These tracks never left me bored or annoyed of a song!

The online multiplayer (yes, you can even play with your friends and kick their butts) has many different servers and allow no one to wait for a game to clear up! A player can customize their suit color as well in this mode. The controls are a little more complicated, but the extra buttons are just for text chat.

There are very few bad things about this game. One of them is it gets a little slow at times (too many enemies and it repeats a little). Another downside is that you have to wait for checkpoints to save. I sometimes forgot when the last checkpoint was and had to redo some of my progress over.

All in all though, this is a great buy! I felt immersed in the gamplay and storyline acting like I was actually in the suit and had to protect Earth! This is one of the best shooters I have ever played and I reccommend this one for you too!