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Blast Your Bench Press Into Orbit

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Did you ever think you could add 100+ pounds to your bench press by just putting on a shirt? Did you think all bench press shirts were created equally? The Titan Katana is the absolute best single ply (layer) polyester bench press shirt I have ever used. For those who are unfamiliar with a bench shirt; it is an extremely tight fitting shirt that is made out of a stiff, heavy material. When you lower the bar it will stretch the shirt material and when you press the material wants to return to its original shape so you get a lot more power out of the bottom portion of the bench press. I bench press around 430Lbs raw, the first time I used this shirt I got 575Lbs down about halfway to my chest and it blew right back up. This shirt is recommended only for advanced lifters that have used a bench press shirt previously. Most likely the first time you use this shirt you will not be able to touch your chest with the bar as the shirt material will sbe too stiff. It took me about 3 weeks to fully break in my shirt. I couldn't touch my chest with almost 150 pounds more than my raw max in this shirt for the first few weeks, that's how strong the new Titan NGX+ material is. The material almost is like kevlar, this shirt is a bench presser's suit of armour. So when you are ready to go to war on the powerlifting platform make sure you have the strongest bench shirt available, the Titan Katana.