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Blendy Pens Best Feature Is The Posters

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My daughter received Blendy Pens for her birthday. Blendy Pens are markers you can meld to create 100's of various color combinations. These can be used for coloring or drawing.

Blendy Pens are all over TV. The commercials show kids creating these awesome pieces of art with color mixtures you just want to make yourself.

The pens come two per color fusion chamber. You twist the pens so the tips meet and the colors bleed one to another. In the color fusion chamber, you can see the colors meld.

The kit my daughter got contains 12 Blendy Pens, 6 fusion chambers, and 10 picture posters. The pens work well enough, but not like you see on the television. Fused colors wear quickly and must be blended over and over for the right effect--very frustrating for a youngster.

The posters are the best feature of the Blendy Pen set. They are easy for younger kids to color because the black background disguises outside the line errors. The colored areas reveal superimposed images, giving the picture rich details.

For the fun factor and the posters, Blendy Pens are great. For getting the promised 100's of colors and quality, Blendy Pens fall short.

I don't know about buying Blendy Pens again though. As I said our kit contains 10 posters. After we colored most of them, two of the pens started showing loss of ink, which knocks quality down in my book.