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celestos By celestos on
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This movie was excellent and kept my attention through out. In the beginning there is a man who is struck blind while driving his car. Afterwards everyone who comes in contact with him becomes blind and so on. The authorities begin quaranting people who have been affected in an old hospital and after awhile the building begins to fill. Only one woman is not affected by the blindness, an eye doctors wife(Julianna Moore). The hospital is heavily guarded and after awhile becomes nasty with filth and human waste. There is no fresh water, medical supplies or communications to the outside. Food is brought in boxes and after awhile there is not enough to feed everyone. The people had divided themselves into wards in the beginning and when the food ration starts to become less and less each ward elects a "leader". One ward has an advantage on the rest due to the possesion of a firearm and the help of a man who has been blind his whole life. The ward with the advantage begins demanding valuables from the other wards in exchange for food. When the valuables run out the "lead" ward then begins demanding sex from the other wards women. The eye doctors wife(Moore) after watching a woman from her ward being assaulted then beaten to death decides to take out the leader of the lead ward causing a "war". The end of the movie is great and it may make you appreciate the gift of sight by the time it ends. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie.