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Blink By Malcolm Gladwell

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Blink, the Power of Thinking Without Thinking is a great book by Malcom Gladwell. He is the author of a landmark bestseller entitled, The Tipping Point. Blink is about split decision making and human intuition. What Gladwell means by "thinking without thinking" is how the human mind takes a situation, an object, or a conversation and develops an opinion or perception rapidly and without conscious input.

Some examples include the art critic's ability to spot a fake even when he or she can't tell you exactly how they know it's a fake; a marriage counselor's ability to spot a failing marriage after only observing a few seconds or minutes of dialogue between the two individuals; the tennis coach that can see a double fault before the ball is hit. Much of the book is downright fascinating.

Gladwell concludes that great decision makers are not the people who can make decisions based on careful and time consuming analysis of facts and deliberation. In fact, great decision makers have mastered thin-slicing. Read the book to learn more about thin-slicing.

This is a great book that attempts to explain a very intriguing phenomenon in human behavior.