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Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

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hlmdcm By hlmdcm on
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When this came out I was very excited and bought it as soon as I could. The write up and reviews made it sound as if the product was just like getting the oxygen facial at the Bliss spa salons. It is a good product, your skin does glow - but it also seems to draw out every pimple ready to surface. I do not have acne typically, and I use exfoliants so I was surprised I had pores ready to burst forth into full teenage pimple glory. That is not the way I planned on looking younger! The glow of my skin was lovely though - I don't know why I broke out, I didn't have a bad reaction to it and the rest of my skin felt very smooth. You pump out a small amount of this gel, apply it to your face and it foams up - not like a wash or a cream - it just sort of bubble and froths on your skin then you wash it off after a few minutes. It is not a wash or cream and doesn't substitute for these products. I can't quite say it was like a spa experience, but maybe this type of product would not do much for me even if a professional was applying it. It is fun to use and if you are confident your pores are not about to breakout, it is a nice way to get your skin glowing before an event. The scent is not offensive, you can hardly smell it - and you do not have to use very much of it at once. Lots of high end ingredients do leave the face soft. I could not give it higher ratings for wrinkle reduction because it does not really do that, it is intended to make the face glow due to increased oxygen. But wrinkles do look softer when the skin is glowing and smooth