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Blistex Is Awesome!

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notgirlygirl By notgirlygirl on
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Ever since I moved from Indonesia to Lapland (Northern Finland), I constantly need a good lip cream or lip moisturizer. Why? Because the air in Lapland is VERY dry and it's very cold (the snow lasts for 7 months here). I've used Blistex Lip Relief Cream for over 1, 5 years now and I'm LOVING it! I'm definitely going to keep on using it!

The positive sides are:

1. There are plenty of choices for you. I choose the lip relief cream in tube, but there are also Blistex in the form of sticks and roll-on stick. There are now 16 types of Blistex lip balm or cream or lipstick, though you may not be able to find each one of them in your local supermarket. For example, in the local supermarket here, I can only find around 5-8 different types.

2. You only need to apply a little bit of it and your lips will be moist right away. No more chapped lips! So even though this tube is small, but it lasts long enough as I don't need to apply too much.

3. I LOVE the minty smell of this particular lip cream. If you don't like minty smell and taste, there are plenty other choices for you as I mentioned above, such as raspberry lemonade blast (new product), fruit smoothies, and cherry splash.

4. They have different sun protection factor or SPF.

The negative sides:

1. It's a bit on the pricey side. If you don't live in such a dry place, you can get by with cheaper types of lip balm/cream...but hey, since I live in such a northern, dry place, it's MUCH better to pay a little bit more than suffer, right?

2. If you incidentally press the tube too hard and you get too much of the cream, your lips will look whitish.