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Blitz Ventless Gas Can I Hate This

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Blitz Ventless Gas Can

With new laws about what kinds of gas containers you can buy this was my only choice, but I really can’t think of much good to say about it.

Michigan has passed laws that you have to use ventless gas cans, so when the spout split on my old metal can and couldn’t be replaced I had to get one of these. I am not happy.

This is a 2 gallon 8 oz can, a small size to keep filled for the mower and the snowblower. I don’t remember what I paid for it exactly, but they are $8.83 on Amazon right now. I think I paid closer to $6.00.

Things I like:

The size is good.

OK, it was inexpensive.

Things I don’t like:

It’s ventless... now the law, but that means that it pours with a glug, glug instead of smoothly. I can’t imagine that it’s better for the environment to spill some every time I pour rather than have a little vent off during storage. There is supposedly a vent, to release air while you pour, built into the spout. But I’m here to tell you that it does NOT work well.

I don’t like that it’s more upright rather than the squat round shape of the old metal one. It can be (and has been) tipped over, spilling more gas.

It has no indented finger grip on the bottom. This doesn’t matter so much in summer, but in the winter with mittens on it’s hard to tip the can to pour with much control (re comment about spilled gas).

We have lost the cap that’s supposed to go on the end of the spout. So now we keep a piece of tinfoil over the end. (I do see that I could replace the entire spout for another $2.10).

The spout has a racheting type lock so you can’t unscrew it accidentally (??- or so kids can’t, but they could still pour it... I really don’t know why this is needed). All this means is that it’s hard to unscrew. You have to hold the little tab in tight to the screw ring for the first couple of turns. And the fact that everything is plastic, and two different kinds of plastic, means that it unscrews with difficulty anyway.


The next time I have to replace a gas can, you can bet I’ll be looking for something different. Maybe I can rig a replacement spout for the old metal can.

Update On Dec 07, 2010: I now have yet another reason to hate this can. I had to empty it yesterday, because the snowblower requires a higher octane fuel than the lawn tractor. So, I tried to put the gas that was left into my car. The spout was too large to push the little flap open that allows gas to be put in the car easily, so I had to just pour about 1/4 cup at a time into the end of the filler pipe and wait for it to gurgle into the car. Not only was this time consuming (standing in the blowing snow), but I ended up spilling a lot of gas because it's hard to control how much comes out, since it "glubs" when it needs to breathe. I am sure I've spilled way more gas with this can than ever would have evaporated through a vent.