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Block And White

Reviewing: Sara Lee Block And White Deodorant Roll On  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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I have been using this deodorant for more than ten years now. I do not question this product, I was able to not only see but also feel the effectiveness of Block and White deodorant roll-on.

When I first started using a deodorant, I used a more expensive stick. It was a fad for teenage girls to use that product before. Although it keeps your armpit smelling fresh all day, the trouble with that product is the stain it leaves on your white school uniform. My highschool uniform has long sleeves so whenever you raise your hand to answer questions from the teacher everything in the sleeves goes up. I'd be embarassed by the yellow stain iin the armpits of my sleeves and it turns out my classmates who were using the same brand of deodorant also experienced the same kind of embarrassment brought about by that deodorant.

Mid Highschool, whitening products are then introduced and I tried using Block and white deodorant for a change and I liked it and no stains in my uniform. There has been a lot of improvements that I have noticed with this product through the years and I remain loyal and have experienced the changes.

My cousin usually compliments my armpit because it is even toned. Not necessarily too smooth and white but it is not rough and dark either.

Block and white is really effective especially right after giving birth to my child. I have dark spots in my skin due to pregnancy and the darkest spot happened to be in my armpit. I kept on applying this deodorant and now my armpit is not dark once again. I am pretty comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes and raises my arms without hesitation.

The good thing about this product is that there is a block and white for you whatever your activity is. If you are sporty, there is a block and white deo for you. For those who have dark underarms, there is a block and white for you, rough skins? there is a block and white deo for you or if you want to feel powdery fresh all-day, yes there is a block and white deodorant for you.

I love this product and I will keep using it because it make my underarms one of my assets.