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Block And White Milk Lotion

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By ladychai on
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During college I have to travel far just to go to school. A prestigious Engineering School is rather located almost at the tip of the city limits so I have no choice but to endure the morning heat and the sweat from riding a public vehicle four times a day. Since our uniform is a pencil skirt and short sleeved blouse, parts of our skin will be exposed. Another thing, I took swimming for my physical education class so you can just imagine how dark I was way back that time.

Thanks to Block and White skin lotion, I was able to maintain the moisture of my skin and eventually bring back its fairness. The whitening ingredient really works especially when used regularly.

I love this lotion, the smell is okay and the thickness is fine. This lotion helps me keep my skin smooth despite the heat of everyday travel. I can really flaunt my legs and my male classmates and not to mention my professors noticed my fair skin. At one point they even asked me to represent our entire batch in a "sort of" beauty contest (well you know engineering it is not entirely a beauty contest without math and craziness involved) which I generously declined.

Truth to the matter though, I can really attest that this product works, this product has been tried and tested not only by me but also my mom, my cousins and my aunts.